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Pure being, the beginning, of the Science of Logic is important because it signals the possibility that we can have something that is a beginning despite its inevitable mediation, or at it always was already mediated, that it is not just a beginning. Pure being is the first moment of spontaneity, the realization or fact that there is. Even though this ends up to be nothing, the beginning is necessary in that it shows we can hold our awareness onto one of the many sides that is the categories, it is not an indeterminate blob. Staying at pure being though, basking in that moment, we realize that it is no different than nothing, but we must be able to first abstract from everything, to see that there is. Being mindful of being itself is not to dissimilar to the pure act of spontaneity. To stop reacting to the past and the future, to being an automaton, is to take up that standpoint of freedom, to step back from our natural behavior. The third antinomy is embodied in the very practice of mindfulness and meditation, to stop and acknowledge that this is happening is the moment of nature, but without acknowledging the moment of nature we will never get to the moment of freedom. The only way out is through the antinomy.