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A friend, JM, recently used the phrase "permanent bourgeois revolution" to capture the GPT-3, subsequent GPT-4, and all the rest of the insert current Silicon Valley thing that will uproot our entire life. I think JM is exactly right, just as there is always a section of the ruling class that says revolution is unjust despite owing its existence to the revolution, there is a section that considers itself in permanent revolution, that this new revolution everyday absolves itself of the sins of the past just because it is another revolution. But anyone knows if you spread a word too thin it becomes meaningless. But there is no such thing, in language or in life, as a permanent revolution. Take the digital revolution, it has not happened yet. Some might say it started in the research labs of the military and universities like MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, UIUC, Colorado, Minnesota, etc. But the effects of that were not felt on a large scale for probably decades. Even tor is not widely adopted still. I work in the tech industry but largely adjacent to the medical industry. The digital revolution knocked at their door and they said no thanks. There is still so much manual labor done by these companies. Digitizing the medical industry has not been done yet and it has been decades since computers became a thing. Chat-GPT and other LLM systems might decimate or uproot some people's jobs and some areas of life. People who work and live by these things might be scared or excited for many reasons. But real life is not so sexy. If you go look at the state of computing at Aetna or Blue Cross Blue Shield, any tech enthusiast would get depressed on the spot. The "revolution" may be here, but it will fizzle out, stall, take time, and have set backs.