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Reading List

What I am reading or have read for books. Articles etc will be too much.


The Best American Essays of the Centuryed. Joyce Carol Oates, Robert AtwanReading
The Satanic VersesSalman RushdieReading
Reflections of a Nonpolitical ManThomas MannReading
The Heidegger Controversyed. Richard WolinReading
ParmenidesMartin HeideggerDone
Four SeminarsMartin HeideggerDone
Poetry, Language, ThoughtMartin HeideggerDone
Early Greek ThinkingMartin HeideggerDone
Martin Heidegger's Changing DestiniesGuillaume PayenDone
HeraclitusMartin HeideggerDone
The Art and Thought of HeraclitusCharles H. KahnDone
Basic WritingsMartin HeideggerDone
American Philosophy: A Love StoryJohn KaagDone
Heraclitus SeminarMartin Heidegger, Eugen FinkDone
A History of Philosophy in America 1720-2000Brucke KulkickDone
Primed to PerformLindsay McGregor, Neel DoshiDone
Twilight of the Idols and The Anti-ChristFriedrich NietzscheDone
Thus Spake ZarathustraFriedrich NietzscheDone
The Elements of StyleStrunk and WhiteDone
On Writing WellWilliam ZinserDone
A Philosophy of WalkingFrédéric GrosDone
Traumatic Neuroses of WarAbram KardinerDone
The CulminationRobert PippinDone
Being and TimeMartin HeideggerDone
A Hitch in TimeChristopher HitchensDone
The Cambridge Companion to HeideggerCharles B. Guignon (Editor)Done
Parapraxis Mag, Vol. 2Hannah Zeavin, Alex Colston (Editors)Done
Essays and Reviews, 1959-2002Bernard WilliamsDone
Proustian UncertantiesSaul FriedlanderDone


The Basic Writings of NietzscheNietzscheDone
Learning Domain Driven DesignVlad KhononovDone
From Monolith to MicroservicesSam NewmanDone
Palestinian WalksRajah ShehadehDone
Letters to my Palestinian NeighborsYossi Klein HaleviDone
Philosophical Analysis in the Twentieth CenturyScott SoamesDone
Moby DickHerman MelvilleDone
Parapraxis Mag, Vol. 1Hannah Zeavin, Alex Colston (Editors)Done
The TimesAdam NagourneyDone
Analytic Philosophy, An AnthologyDavid Sosa, Aloysius MartininchDone
Post-Analytic PhilosophyJohn Raichman, Cornel WestDone
Readings in Classical Chinese PhilosophyPhilop Ivanhoe, Bryan van NordenDone
Tao Te ChingLao Tzu (Hackett)Done
Philosophy in HistoryRorty, Schneewind, SkinnerDone
The Shadow of GodMichael RosenDone
The Complete StoriesFranz KafkaDone
Russel, Idealism, and the Emergence of Analytic PhilosophyPeter HyltonDone
OrientalismEdward SaidDone
Team of TeamsStanley McChrystalDone
Analysis of AnalysisTom Raysmith, Michael BeaneyDone
A Companion to Analytic PhilosophyDavid Sosa, Aloysius MartininchPartial, Done